Friday, 18 July 2014

FILMS FROM COMICS - A History of Violence

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A History of Violence is the story of Tom Stall, a small-town soda shop owner who becomes a local hero when he stops a violent attack by two men on his shop and repercussions.  Loosely based on the graphic novel by John Wagner & Vince Locke.

The film is a slow burn, bringing the focus on the psychological in the psychological thriller, with the first third of the comic taking up the first two thirds of the film.  The second third of the comic is implied not shown by a couple of conversations.

Although the beginning of the film is different to the comic, it plays out pretty much the same way.  The final third while leading into and showing the final showdown as did the comic, the denouement is decidedly different, but with the same underlying concept of a man having to face his past.  The showdown itself is a lot less action filmy than the comic, in keeping with the tone of the rest of the film and the final scene is beautifully underplayed.

A History of Violence
~ DUG.

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