Friday, 5 September 2014


Looking at film locally.

Labyrinth (1986) played at Event Cinemas on Monday 1st September 2014.

It's always weird to see a film again on the big screen decades after you first did.  Especially if you've seen it many times since and own it on DVD (or video, etc).

I discovered watching one of the many theatrical re-releases of Star Wars that I had a crushed on Carrie Fisher watching her again on the big screen in a way I never did rewatching on video.  Of course, a crush on the 16 year old Jennifer Connelly is much less creepy when you're 14 then when you're 42 and have seen her naked in a lot of films since.  These days crushes mean a lot less than they did then, which is probably a good thing.  Another thing more that leaps out at you on the big screen is the results of David Bowie's very tight tights.

One thing that certainly strikes you

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