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FILMS FROM COMICS - Men In Black (1997)

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The film Men In Black is the Ghostbusters of the 90s and was loosely based on the comic book "The Men in Black."

A joke from the comic, but actually funny this time.

Men in Black is a standard buddy cop film about fighting aliens, a stretch for Will Smith, following as it did his buddy cop film, Bad Boys (1995), and his alien fighting film,  Independence Day (1996) and for Tommy Lee Jones to play his usual sardonic character.  It takes the premise of the comic on which it was based:  A cop stumbles into the world of the Men in Black, and is recruited become Agent J, partner of the gruff Agent K to investigate crimes involving aliens and improves significantly on it.  It dumps the needless comic-book addition of other supernatural and replaces the attempts at funny banter with funny banter, and has more plot than all six issues of the comic put together.

"He slimed me" ~ Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters.

The film fits the action-comedy-SF/Supernatural slot of Ghostbusters, that many other films before and since have tried to fill and failed more than succeeded (The Frighteners (1996), Evolution (2001) being two better known attempts) and it a fun rump and an effective action film, with real chemistry between the leads Smith and Jones that makes the film a keeper.

~ DUG.
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