Friday, 3 October 2014

RECOMMEND TO ME - Monsters (2010)

Looking at film and television.  Here is some stuff recommended to me.

I asked on Google+Tumblr and Twitter for people to recommend films.  I thought I would share the results here.  (See the Full List).  Please recommend films at any of the above.

Monsters (2010) was recommended to me by +Adam Corbin 

Aliens life is growing in Central America and two Americans must get home.  It's a small slow SF film, which is something I prefer.  I did want to see this when it first came out, and I'm glad I was reminded it existed and too the chance to see it.

However, it doesn't quite reach the heights that it had potential to.  Neither of the two main characters were as interesting or had the charisma to carry the film as need to make the film work.  The non-monster parts of the weren't compelling enough to keep the film going.  The monster bits were well made, but the entire film never seemed to get were it needed to go.  It had the feel of a short film rather than a feature and pretty much went the same places that Cloverfield had 2 years earlier.  That said, being mostly without the moving camera of Cloverfield made watching it a more enjoyable experience.

Return Recommendation:  I'm going to recommend Moon (2009).  Not a monster film, but a nice slow burn SF film.
~ DUG.
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