Thursday, 6 November 2014

FILM IN TOWNSVILLE - Cabin in the Woods/Drag Me to Hell

Looking at film locally.

Not really in Townsville, but rather a road-trip to nearby Charters Towers (85 km) to watch some films at the Tors Drive-In.

Initially this was scheduled to be The Lost Boys/Cabin in the Woods but something must have changed and this was the resulting line-up.

Cabin in the Woods (2012) is a post-modern self-referential meta-fictional (or one of those things) take on the slasher film.  And take the Slasher Film Rules (which I blog about here) and uses them to... well... I don't like to discuss what happens in this film, it's better if it all plays out as it does on-screen.  However, with my love of post-modern film and my interest in the rules of the slasher genre this was a film I was always going to love and have seen many times prior to this.

Drag Me to Hell (2009) has the feel of a bad horror film without being a bad horror film.  It has an almost made-for-television vibe about it, with the heroine seeming existing in a bad TV show before things happen, followed by gross-out horror and a plot that stumbles around trying to find a point.  There are hundreds of direct-to-video or made-for-Syfy films like this.  But where those are let down by bad acting, bad direction and no real scares this film doesn't.  Rather than homaging the bad film by making a bad film as some do, Sam Raimi makes a good film, with actual chills and solid acting (although with an undercurrent of ham).

Together they're a great combination for people who like bad horror films but are sick of watching bad horror films.

Upcoming Films in Townsville.

I'm just going to direct you to the Sydney Travelling Film Festival website for the Townsville showings 14 - 17 November.  Don't know if I'll get see any though...

~ DUG.

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