Friday, 13 February 2015

FILMS FROM COMICS - Wanted (2008)

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Wanted  (2008) is about a loser who discovers that he has inherited his father's place in a thousand year old secret organisation of assassins based on the comic book of the same name.

The art adaptation means that some things have to be changed because of mediums.  A comic based around a homage to DC Comics super villains can't be turned into a film that does the same.  So instead of 5 groups of super villains secretly controlling the world after defeating the super villains, the film is about a generic and rather silly society of assassins that take instructions from mistakes made by a loom and a single set of ill-explained pretty standard super powers.

To get a film made everything shocking, offensive or unsettling (with the exception of bullets exploding people's brains in slow motion) has to be removed and with it anything that makes the film special.  The film has maybe one "Wow" moment and too many "Really?" moments.

To make up from it, the film has very pretty special effects and lots of fun action scenes.

~ DUG.
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