Saturday, 14 March 2015


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2 Guns (2013) is another sign that the buddy cop film is - if not dead - is in a coma.

The genre has outlived its time.  The witty banter has become stale and trite, the action hasn't kept out with the big specific effects films.

2 Guns is the usual love-hate story of two men with guns shooting everyone else they meet who has a gun for reasons that are made out to be complex so you don't pay attention to the plot holes.  There are moments of comedy, fun action and almost suspense in the film, but most of the time it tries and fails to have those things.

The genre needs to find a new directions (the best of what's left of the genre is parody) to stay fresh.  Creator Steve Grant (who wrote it as a spec script and adapted it into a comic) claims that 2 Guns is an "anti-buddy" film, missing the fact that they all are.

~ DUG.

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