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SPECIAL EVENT - Ozploitation (2016)

Looking at films with friends...

After the success - or whatever - of the 2015 films (Alvin Purple, Road Games & Dead End Drive-In) we again did 3 Ozploitation films for Australia Day (synced up on the 24th this year - rather than the 26th - and once again in two different cities.  The films were picked from those in Not Quite Hollywood, which was divided into three parts (Sex comedies, Horror films and Action films) and so three films.

The person I told last year to pick this year's films did make the following picks:

Razorback (1984)

I remember Razorback as the Australian Jaws.  A film about a crazed animal killing people that other people watched and I was told the best bits off in the school playground.  OK, it's no Jaws, but as animal attack films go, it's not hugely bad.  It's over the top sometimes, with broad - but not unrealistic - Australian caricatures.  The cliches are there, the doomed animal lover, the man out for revenge for the death of his wife and unborn child who immediately falls for cute young local girl, the Ahab with a story suspiciously similar to an infamous murder trial, weird and creepy locals.
It's more blood and gore horror than the slow tension of last year's Road Games (1981) but dispite some slow patches, does the attacks pretty well even if the wild boar looks even faker than that shark.

Sex Comedy:
Pacific Banana (1981)

The film is about two pilots, one sexually inept, one sexually overactive, both trying to solve thier problems.  Graeme Blundell (Martin) as was legally required as the time plays a man who women are constantly throwing themselves at, but usually finds a reason to fight off.  Here, it's his concern over sneezing when with women and finishing at that moment.    Robin Stewart (Paul) has women throwing and cannot turn them any of them down.  This reason for this is clear, his two air stewardess are enablers, willing to share him with each other and constantly forgive him and however much he complains is never really punished. You can really only demand two things from a sex comedy: sex and comedy.  The film has sex.  Thirteen different women get naked in the film (yeah, I counted).  The film certainly tries to have comedy, but when it gets to the point where the bad-innuendo narrator complains about the jokes, you know there's a problem.  Look, the title is clearly a penis joke of some sort, so that's a big sign of the level of comedy you're looking at. Maybe the comedy just dates worse than Paul's many conquests.  Like Blundell's Alvin Purple (1973) from last year's trio of films - and in fact most sex comedies - the plot is little more than an excuse for a series of vignettes getting the characters from one set of bare boobs to the next but fails to even reach the low bar set by Alvin.

Action Film:
Turkey Shoot (1982)

Like last year's Dead End Drive-In (1985) Turkey Shoot is set in totalitarian future where our heroes are kept in a prison for, well, living in a totalitarian future.  Really, if you can't lock anyone you want up for no real reason, what's the point of being a totalitarian government?  And what's the point of keeping people in prison if you can't make them have mixed showers?  This film is a lot less weird and preachy than Dead End Drive-In and spends a lot less time setting up just how bleak the future is.  It just dives on in.  It also adds the not-really-unique idea of people-hunting, a sport that it's better to volunteer for than be volunteered.  Turkey Shoot doesn't veer into the strange as much as Dead End Drive-In (but the wolf-guy does gain it major weird points) so it's hard to pick one as better than the other.


Once again three very different films.  Turkey Shoot matches, maybe exceeds the gore of Razorback with Pacific Banana a very different film in between the two.  While Pacific Banana doesn't compete with Alvin Purple, Razorback outshines Roadgames as it isn't a slave to older pacing.  And when it comes to Turkey Shoot and Dead End Drive-In, it's hard to compare but equally as enjoyable in their own ways.

~ DUG.

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